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About the Proposal

The Trumps Farm Energy Recovery Facility will safely turn hard-to-recycle clinical waste into energy, generating energy for the equivalent of around 1,100 typical homes.

The proposed facility will:

  • Generate enough low-carbon energy for around 1,100 typical homes, greater than the equivalent number of homes in Trumps Green and Virginia Water.
  • Provide a valuable, local, cost-effective service to the NHS and other healthcare facilities such as GPs and dentists in Surrey and the surrounding counties. It would also be licenced to treat materials confiscated by law enforcement.
  • Prevent up to 16,000 tonnes of waste a year from being sent to that would otherwise be likely to go to specialist landfill, or sent to facilities at a considerable distance that do not recover energy.
  • Create around 27 new full-time jobs when complete, and up to 25 jobs during construction.
  • Appear as a modest scale agricultural building and be clad with profiled steel panels, coloured dark green to blend in with existing buildings and the surrounding dense woodland.
  • Have a main building that is 10 metres at its highest point. This is similar to the plant already operating next door. Similarly, the tallest part of the facility (the flue stack) will be no more than 26 metres high and a maximum of one metre wide.
  • Be supplied by a minimal number of HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) – typically three to five a day. A maximum number of 11 smaller vans or light goods vehicles would also supply and provide engineering support. We also anticipate 5-10 cars for our members of staff. This traffic would be spread throughout the day.
  • Have minimal impact on traffic, because no delivery vehicles will need to go through residential areas or villages.
  • Only handle waste under contract and not be open to the public or general trade use.
  • Be regulated by the Environment Agency, who will only issue an Environmental Permit if it is satisfied that the facility is safe for the environment and the local community.
  • Connect using an underground cable to the nearby existing local grid.
  • Also have the potential to supply nearby commercial and industrial users with the surplus heat generated, which we are actively looking into.
  • Create opportunities for a wide range of local suppliers and supply chain companies. This includes everything from carrying out maintenance work to managing our recruitment and helping maintain the site grounds. For example, we expect to £10,000 to £15,000 a year on dry cleaning.

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